Law Insurance Brokers Limited


It is not often one feels motivated to take the time to compliment someone who has given one GOOD ADVICE and service. I have known and had dealings with Law Insurance Brokers for over four years now. You have dealt with me with the utmost of professionalism and have even from time to time told me to stay with my current insurance company since I was getting a deal I would not be able to get elsewhere.

I was most impressed when I found out you managed to get a $1000.00 refund for overcharging from the previous insurance company of a client I sent you, when she was not even your client yet! Whenever law insurance broker’s clients have a claim law insurance goes to bat for their clients and fights to get them the fair payout they deserve.

Helene Meyer
Markham, ON.

As a successful mortgage broker for 10 yrs I’ve often had clients ask me for someone to help with their home insurance needs. It wasn’t until I worked with law insurance brokers that I was confidently able to do so. Law insurance brokers has been able to meet the high level of service I require for my clients, their objective advice and low rates have left my clients extremely satisfied. Beyond that, simply being able to direct my client to law insurance brokers for their insurance needs has added huge value to my own business!

Alex Passas
Richmond Hill, ON.

I have family in the insurance business and was able to receive some special deals on insurance because of this. But even still Law Insurance Brokers was able to save me even more money than I had been saving previously; they brought my monthly insurance payments down by about 40%! Law Insurance Brokers service was extremely personal and accessible. It was as if I was dealing with my next door neighbor. I would highly recommend Law insurance brokers to anyone and everyone.

Elana Sarasom
Aurora, ON.